Monday, February 13, 2012

Veuve du Vernay Brut Rose: A Toast to Your Valentine!

I might have champagne tastes, but I definitely have a beer budget when it comes enjoying sparkling wine.  And that's where this rose fits the bill.  Its delicious, festive, an appropriate colour to celebrate Valentine's Day, and its only $14!

The Veuve du Vernay Brut Rose is made somewhere in France, but not in Champagne. Neither is it made from the Champagne grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.)Instead, our little fizzy is produced from Spanish Termpranillo grapes, where the juice is kept on the skins for a short time so there is the pink rose colour but not the normal ruby which Spanish Riojas, made from the same Tempranillo grape, usually have. Finally, the rose is not made in the champagne method or methode champenoise: instead of the labour intensive and expensive secondary fermentation in the bottle method, our Brut Rose is made by the quicker, cheaper Charmat process where the bubbles of CO2 are injected into the wine, similar to the way Coca Cola gets its fizz. And that my wine companions, is why our little sparkler is $13.99 and not $53.99.

If the price is right, so is the quality of the wine.  You can expect a delicious strawberry cherry bouquet and flavour with a dry or brut finish. So many inexpensive dry roses lack flavour. Those with flavour, are often too sweet. This is dry (0) and refreshing, with plenty of beedy bubbles to partner with the delicous taste to make any event a celebration.  Refreshing and versatile.  Sip it on its own, try it with tapas of smoked salmon, proscuitto, brie cheese.  Sante.

Veuve du Vernay Brut Rose: $13.99, 12.5%, France.
A Toast to Your Valentine!

Highly Recommended! Sparkling Rose: $13.99

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