Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cheap, Greek, and White

When I decide to make a Greek meal (tahini, Greek Salad, barbecued chicken souvlaki) my romantic side of me wants to open that one litre bottle of Retsina and savour all the intense flavours that a wine tasting like Pine-sol can add to feta cheese, rosemary, olives, garlic and onions.  My wine-lover side prefers to go for a compromise.  No pine-resin please but let's enjoy it with a Greek white. Voila! Boutari Kretikos 2009.  With a name like Kretikos, you hope its not made for cretins but it is made in Crete, the home of the Minotaur and early Greek civilization, For the longest time, Greece has had the reputation for making mediocre wine as well as being tax-evading and bankrupt. This wine should change your mind.

For $12,99, it is amazingly tasty. And for a 2009 white, it is still very fresh and alive; often inexpensive whites that are 2+ years old, have few acids left so they taste dull and lifeless.
Putting my nose as close as its been to Greece, I smell gentle lemon and rich pear aromas.The flavour matches the smell along with a perfumed ripe peach flavour.  Not too heavy on the alcohol (12%) with the fruit flavours accented nicely, here is a wine fit for the first week of Spring.  I can see myself after cutting the lawn for the first time, getting out my lawn chair, lighting the Weber coals on the barbie, and sipping a cool glass of Kretikos while my souvlaki marinates to perfection.  

Boutari Kretikos 2009, $12.99, 12%, Crete Greece
Light White, Recommended, $12.99, Cheap, Greek, and White

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