Friday, March 16, 2012

A Duo of Spanish Reds: Part Two

Now that you know from the previous post that Spanish reds are inexpensive and good, you will now learn that they are also moderately priced and great!!!  May I introduce, the Faustino V 2005 Rioja, a wine produced from Spain's premium red grape, the Tempranillo

Back in 1970 when I first caught the wine bug, I remember a wine critic speaking of how amazing Spanish reds were and he mentioned the Faustino I which today is in the $30's.  Back then it was $10 or so.  I have tasted that wine and it is remarkable but my budget usually grimaces at wines over $30 so I get seduced by the Faustino V which is $5 cheaper.  Despite the fact it is cheaper, it too is one remarkable  wine.!

For a six year old red, it still has a beautiful ruby colour. The bouquet is multi-faceted with cherries, vanilla, and a whiff of campfire and a subtle compost or terroir.  The flavour is rich in dried black cherries and enough barnyard to make you know you are savouring a real fine European red. The wine is simply smooth, elegant and has the balance between the grapes in  age (mild tannins) and youth (enough fruit and acid to make it tasty and refreshing, fruit and terroir, bouquet and has it all. All that and a tasty lingering finish to make you smack your lips.  This is my favourite red that is available and affordable and wonderful. I recently took it to a party where everyone was supposed to bring their favourite red and a tapas. I brought skewers of Spanish manchego cheese along with grilled red pepper, a green olive stuffed with anchovies (no they don't taste fishy!) and a slice of proscuitto.  There's a match made in Spain, in Rioja to be exact.

Faustino V Rioja Reserva $25.99, 13%, Spain, Available, Affordable, and Wonderful!!
Medium-Bodied Red, Highly Recommended $25.99 

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