Monday, March 12, 2012

A Trio of Rieslings: Take Three

And now for something completely different!  No its not Monty Python, its the Pewsey Vale Contours 2003 Riesling from the Eden Valley in South Australia.  The Eden Valley is near the famous Barossa Valley and its there that a 75 year old vineyard produces the fruit that splashes into this wine.  This was Sommelier of the Year, Terry Threlall's choice at the Wine Festival's seminar on Excitement in a Glass earlier in March.

Like the Aussies themselves and the Land of Oz, Australian Rieslings are a breed apart from anything else.  While the previous two Rieslings were delicate, this is bold and brash.  Even though its nine years old, the acidity is still alive and vibrant, thanks in part to the nature of Rieslings and the fact that the Eden Valley is a cool climate area, Because of  the acidity, its a great match with seafood, a fact that Andrea Vescovi of Blue Water Cafe reminded us.  And then there's the typical Aussie fruit of lime and citrus and a squirt of petrol, kerosene, or diesel. Moderator of the seminar, wine educator Mark Davidson pleaded that it should be described as marmalade, but I think the petrol descriptor is more accurate, even if it scares the heck out of many consumers.  Aged Rieslings, from Germany and Australia, often have this 'crude' characteristic which is very appealing and a sign of a good R, once you get used to this acquired taste. A scallop ceviche and this beauty would be heavenly.  Just don't light a match...only kidding.

2003 Pewsey Vale The Contours Riesling: A Different Kettle of Riesling
Full Bodied Dry White: $33. Highly Recommended

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