Monday, April 23, 2012

Luscious and Latin!

I have discovered my favourite Malbec. Like most Malbecs, this one originates in Mendoza, Argentina, the largest wine-producing region in this red wine country.  Made from 30 year old vines, this is one heck of a complex wine for $20!  The bouquet has layers of scents, from dark fruit, leather, and cocoa, to a little of Castro's Cuban cigar and cedar box. You will be tempted to endlessly swirl the glass and sniff in rapture as you discover the depth of the nose....every sniff reveals a new dimension to the bouquet.  But of course, the proof is in the pudding, I mean palate. Savour the ripe black and red fruit, with leather, violets, cloves, and licorice.  A multi-layered complex extravaganza with enough tannin to give a good mouth feel, but soft enough to enjoy right now. After all, it is now four years old.

If you're used to the more fruity simpler and inexpensive Malbecs, try this one that is a winner and reminds me of aged European reds.  It was the favourite wine in my recent Burnaby South American wine class the other month..Enjoy with some Moroccan lamb sausages or meatballs that Herringer's Meats in Steveston prepares.  

Bodegas Norton 2008 Malbec Reserva, $19.99, 14.5%, Mendoza Argentina
Medium-bodied complex Red. Luscious and Latin!

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