Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Perfectly Priced Pinot

If you are a fan of spring and of great value, then New Harbour Pinot Noir might be your 'cup of tea', if you'll excuse the mixed metaphor.  Like spring, this medium bodied red is fresh, full of life and flavour.  You can sip it on the patio while you are barbecuing, it will go with so many BBQ foods: ribs, chicken, lamb, burgers, salmon, tuna. Besides being versatile, it is also  fruity and savory in character which will make it seem like its right from your garden and orchard.  Pinot Noir is a difficult grape to transplant, but Marlborough in New Zealand is one place it does well.  There is a meatiness or umami, the savoury flavour.  Cherries, cranberries, earthiness (the terroir) with smokey and oaky elements are in there as well. The fruit is almost sweet in the mouth but it finishes with a dryness you expect from reds. There is the refreshing acidity of Pinot Noir (that's what makes it a great food wine, there. Not too much tannins (Pinots have thin skins) so you can expect a smooth velvety mouth feel instead of pucker power.  

And did I mention its only $15.95?  Pinot Noirs are usually much higher priced, you can easily spend $20+ and much more so this is definitely worth a try. For me, its worth many tries.

New Harbour 2009 Pinot Noir, , Marlborough, New Zealand, $15.99 13.5%
Medium Bodied Red, Perfectly Priced Pinot, Highly Recommended

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